Red barberry and geum at The Oregon Garden in Silverton.


The Garden will reopen on December 3rd.

We are excited to share that the Garden will be reopening to all visitors on December 3rd. Please note that face coverings are now required throughout the Garden, including both indoor AND outdoor spaces. This is in compliance with Governor Kate Brown’s orders. 


The Garden is open from 10AM to 3PM, Wednesday – Sunday:

– The Cafe inside the Visitor Center will remain closed. We will be selling cold beverages (soda & water) and pre-packaged snacks (chips, trail mix, etc.) only. Outside food is allowed in the Garden.
– Guests are required to wear a face covering at all times while inside the Garden.
– The ram and Children’s Garden remain closed.


A few changes we’ve made in response to COVID-19, to ensure your safety and proper social distancing:

– Only 50 guests will be allowed in the Garden at any one time to ensure proper social distancing.
– The Children’s Garden is currently closed.
– The tram is not running.
– Our drinking fountains have been turned off: please bring your own water.
– Some restrooms will be closed, to ensure proper cleaning between guests. Only restrooms in NREC (by the entrance) and near the Children’s Garden will be open.
– Please maintain a 6′ distance from other guests at all times.
– Although we share a property with our friends The Gordon House, they are operated separately. Please visit their website to learn more:
Please keep in mind – this pandemic has significantly affected our ability to have staff and volunteers onsite, meaning we have had to prioritize certain projects in the Garden. Unfortunately, nature does not take breaks, so you may notice a few more weeds than normal. Please know that we are working as hard as possible to keep the Garden looking beautiful. Thank you for your patience with us!
Dogs enjoying the Garden

We’re Pet-Friendly!

Well behaved animals are welcome to visit the Garden with you.


Do I need to wear a face covering?
  • In compliance with Oregon’s face covering mandate, we will be requiring all visitors to wear face coverings while at the Garden, both indoors and out. Please plan to bring a face covering for use during your visit: this can be a face mask, face shield, bandana, etc.
Where can I get water?

In following state and county guidelines, drinking fountains inside the Garden have been turned off. Guests are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, which can be refilled from the tap.

Is there any food or drink available?

At this time, only pre-packaged snacks (chips, trail mix, etc.) are for sale inside The Oregon Garden. However, the Oregon Garden Resort is open for lunch from 11:30-2:30pm. Reservations are encouraged but not required. Learn more HERE.

Why is the Children’s Garden closed / When will it open?

At this time we are still concerned about the specific challenges presented by the Children’s Garden: this high-traffic area is regularly filled with multiple, multi-generational families playing and enjoying the space in close proximity. We currently do not feel confident that we can ensure social distancing practices in this part of the Garden and don’t feel it is the right move to require face coverings in this area only. All operational decisions are an ongoing process and we can’t give a specific timeline for reopening of the Children’s Garden.

Why is the tram not running / When will it start running?

We are disappointed not to be able to offer this beloved guest amenity. However, the tram puts guests into very close contact with one another and presents a sanitation challenge. We do not anticipate being able to run the tram again this season.


Will you be having events this year?

Yes! While many of our events have unfortunately been canceled, we are reworking some of our favorites. This year, Movies in the Garden will be held in a drive-in format instead of on the lawn, and Art in the Garden will still be on display as it is every summer. For more information, please visit our events page HERE

Can I schedule a group or guided tour?

Unfortunately, at this time we are operating using limited resources and are unable to offer group or guided tours. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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