Yoga in the Garden

Fridays & Sundays, 9am – 10:15am

Join us every Friday and Sunday at 9am – 10:15am for yoga! Classes are held in the Fireside Lounge and will move outdoors in the Spring.

Meet in the lobby of the Oregon Garden Resort at 9am to sign-in.


  • Free for Resort guests
  • $5 for Garden Members
  • $8 for all other attendees
  • $5 mat rental

 Class Description:

“Yoga to me is that safe place to connect to your mind and body through movement, intentional breathing and soothing words. I teach all levels of Hatha Flow, Gentle Vinyasa and Restorative. These styles of yoga allow the student to explore poses while focusing on their breath and body’s alignment. Each class I teach is carefully thought out, themed and paired with music that awakens the body and soul. I make sure my students feel “right at home” when they come to my class and always end with a thought-provoking quote to tie it all together”.

Kristen Aubert

What to Wear?

Comfortable (but not too baggy) workout clothes that you can move in. Yoga pants, t-shirts, tank tops, leotards, and leggings are all appropriate. You may want to layer so you can adjust your comfort level as your body warms up during class.

Leave your jeans, belts, and excessive jewelry at home. These will restrict your movement and simply be a distraction. Please note we do not have a locker room or public showers available.

What to Bring?

  • A mat – if you do not have one, you may rent one for $5.
  • A towel – you may work up a sweat!
  • Water

What to Eat?

Simply put, yoga on a full stomach does not feel good! We recommend you refrain from eating a major meal before class.

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