Proven Winners Trial Garden

Proven Winners is the leading brand of high quality flowering plants in North America, which are available from just about every garden center in North America. Proven Winners’s goal is to introduce the best, most unique, high performing plants, to produce them under the highest quality standards, and to market the plants innovatively.

Their rigorous plant selection process takes 2-3 years and occurs at facilities in the U.S. and Canada, as well as at trial stations in Europe, South Africa, and Japan. One of those facilities being The Oregon Garden. Every Proven Winners variety is protected by U.S. and Canadian patents.

The Proven Winners trial garden and display is a part of that process. The Oregon Garden is working with Proven Winners to evaluate plants so that only the best are brought to you for your home.


Location: The Proven Winners Display and Trial Garden is located at the North end of the Home Demonstration gardens, where the tram path bends towards the Pavilion.


Help Proven Winners and The Oregon Garden

You can help us and Proven Winners by completing our guest survey about the Proven Winners Display and Test Garden. The information you provide will help Proven Winners create the best possible product. Guest surveys can be obtained from the Visitor Center as you enter the Garden.


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