Garden University

Garden University offers a variety of gardening classes and workshops hosted by experts in the field. Join us this summer to learn about plants from local experts in horticulture!


WHERE: Natural Resource Education Building at The Oregon Garden

COST: Free to Oregon Garden Members, $15 to General Public.



June 14th, 11am, Succulents

“Amazing Awe-Inspiring Succulents” with Mark Leichty of Little Prince of Oregon Nursery. Learn from the ever engaging Mark Leighty all about succulents, their care requirements, light and the variety of types now available. This session is your key to success with this trendy plant group.


June 28th, 11am Native Plants

“All About Native Plants for the Home Gardener” with Linda Hardison of Oregon Flora Project. Learn more about the ornamental and ecological benefits of incorporating Native Plants in your home garden. Linda will also have copies of Flora of Oregon Volume 1 available for purchase. It is part of a three-volume reference that will be the state’s only flora published in the past half century and the first illustrated floristic work that exclusively addresses Oregon! Volume 1 presents treatments of the pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and monocots- 23% of all native and naturalized vascular plants of Oregon.


July 12th, 11am Houseplants

“Houseplants 101” with Heather Desmarteau-Fast of Stamin and Pistil Nursery. If you have ever been unsure why your houseplants are not thriving like your outdoor garden, this information session will help you troubleshoot common houseplant woes to bring your green thumb inside. Heather will also be bringing a selection of houseplants for sale at the end of her session.


July 26th, 11am Rose Care Tips

“Summer Rose Care Tips” with Rachel Burlington of Portland International Rose Garden. Rachel will explain common rose pests and problems with practical solutions you can implement into your home garden. This session will include a live pruning demonstration in The Oregon Garden’s Rose Garden and a sneak peek at the new roses in our Satellite Collection of Gold Medal winners from the Portland Rose Garden.


August 9th, 11am New Plant Breeds

“New Plants Straight Out of Oregon State University’s Breeding Program” with Dr. Ryan Contreras, Professor of Ornamental Plant Breeding. Ryan will bring information about cutting edge work that the breeding program at Oregon State University is working on. Learn more about plant breeding on disease resistance, improved attributes and enhanced ornamental performance to encourage better presentation in the garden.



Garden University is sponsored by Oregon Garden Foundation.

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